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Back to the Drawing Board

Well hello. It’s been aย veryย long time! SO much has changed since I’ve last posted in here! I have become super healthy like my eating habits have really changed, I’ve signed up for my first half-marathon, I had my baby girl; she is almost 7 months old, my husband and I are still doing wonderful and we no longer have the cat, but we still have the dog. I am no longer in the active duty Army and I go to school full-time now. ๐Ÿ™‚

I was reading through my old posts and I’m thinking now I want to start gearing my site to more particular blog posts other than rambling about my personal life. I feel like I can truly help and connect with people when I’m a lot more focused in my posts than like Iย said; just rambling on about whatever is on my mind.

It’s definitely been an amazing adventure. I had my daughter on March 14, 2016 and was at my heaviest weight at 154lbs. I am now at 135lbs. I still have a long way to go to what my goals are but I’ve also decided to sign up for a half-marathon for next year! I’m so excited, I’ve never ran more than 4 miles and even when I ran 4 miles, it was a one time thing and it was many many years ago. It’s an exciting feeling and I’m very thrilled for the training, I now have something to work towards versus just working out to be healthy.

I lost the weight by joining Beachbody and being a part of the active social groups on Facebook. It’s amazing because I’m in a group with other ladies, just normal people like me who lead busy lives and still show up everyday and get their workout in. In the group we post our sweaty selfies, meals that we’re eating, and recipes and tips to share. I’m horrible at staying on top of and accountable for health and fitness. This group has definitely kept me on track. When I see someone post that they got their workout done, it makes me want to get mine done. So, in addition to that I’ve also been eating a whole lot better. I still eat whatever I want (including fast food) but in moderation. Food is always the toughest challenge for me and honestly I’d probably make better results if I took my eating seriously. Nonetheless, it’s exciting to get back close to my pre-pregnancy weight. My pre-preggo weight was at 130lbs and my goal is to get to 125lbs and be toned. I’ll be happy at that point. That really leaves me only 10lbs to lose. Which is totally attainable. I’m hoping that training for this half-marathon will help out too.

I plan to start posting consistently now and share my recipes and tips with exercising. I want to focus my page a little more. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a good night! โค


Christmas Vacation/A Day In Seattle

Hello, me again. Happy New Year by the way ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve wrote and I figured now was a good time to do so. This is what we’re up to..

Just chilling on this chilly, wonderful New Years Day. Hubby got me a new camera for Christmas/my birthday so I’ve been taking so many pictures that now, I’m barely in any of them! The picture quality is amazing though! Definitely a huge upgrade from what my phone takes.

As for my pregnancy, I’m 29 weeks this week. I haven’t had anything weird or unusual happen to me (yet). So far I still feel pretty good everyday, periodic backaches come and go in my lower back. No sickness. Just a lot of bathroom runs for very minimal pee. It can get annoying. I’ve had a pretty bad cold this past week and one thing that really sucks is that I can’t take my usual go-to over-the-counter, NyQuil to get over it within a day or 2. I tried taking Tylenol but it hasn’t done anything for me so I’ve just been staying indoors and eating soup and veggies. So far its worked, I still have a slight cough but not as nearly as bad as last week. Something that happens sometimes is if I cough too hard, a little squirt of pee comes out too. So embarrassing and annoying. So it’s definitely a must that I bring an extra panty with me in my purse. LOL. My baby girl is definitely kicking and moving around a lot more too. It’s such an awesome feeling to be able to experience such a thing.

During Christmas, my mom came out to visit us for the week and while she was here we got to take her out to Seattle. I wanted to share some of the pictures I took while out and about Pikes Market area.

DSC_0374Beautiful tree in the middle of a shopping district.DSC_0373ย Pikes Place Market ๐Ÿ™‚DSC_0363Huge crabs & crab legsDSC_0362A few of the many fruits & veggies sold at the market, the colors are beautiful!DSC_0361Handcarved and painted wood by localsDSC_0354This vendor had many paintings on woodDSC_0353Flattened glass with original pictures inside of them… how!?DSC_0350๐Ÿ™‚DSC_0339Playing with camera settings ๐Ÿ™‚DSC_0336Mom & IDSC_0333Hubby & IDSC_0328Mom & I againDSC_0320These were actually tiny figurines in the middle of the plaza, my camera was able to catch the details and a close-upDSC_0307The Space Needle ๐Ÿ™‚

I definitely recommend anyone if ever given the opportunity to come out to Seattle, to do it. Washington is such a beautiful state, especially during the summer days. Washington is definitely a state for outdoorsy people. If you’re not very outdoorsy and let the weather determine your day all the time, then I wouldn’t recommend coming out here when it’s not summer time. My mom has been out here twice from Georgia and she has only been here during the cold season and she’s almost miserable every time she comes out. She lets the rain affect her decision to want to go out for the day and with that, she goes nuts being cooped up in the house. She’s the type that likes to spend outdoors only on sunny, warm days and if it’s any other weather, she’ll spend it indoors shopping at a mall or staying in the house. It is extremely difficult to entertain her while she’s here. Due to the fact she doesn’t like outdoor activities and the malls differ from each other by only a limited amount of stores. Her one week stay is more than enough during the holiday season. If you are like her, come out here during the summer, I promise you won’t regret it.

I definitely want to keep blogging on a regular basis. With a better camera too, I’m very excited to share great pictures with anyone who reads my blogs! Have a good evening everyone. See you soon! ๐Ÿ™‚


Growing Baby :)

Lots of things that has happened since I’ve last posted. Time has come and gone so rapidly. The last time I’ve posted, I announced my pregnancy and was upcoming the 13th week mark. As of tomorrow I’ll be at my 24th week mark. There’s so much that has happened in between that time and so much I should’ve been documenting about my pregnancy. That’s why now, I’m going to try to keep this up and even if its little jots of notes down about my pregnancy, it’s still going to post. I want to be able to look back and read some of my blogs and giggle and reminisce the things I went through and what I was feeling while going on through my journey of pregnancy. Here’s an updated pic of baby:FullSizeRender (2)ย This is her at 19 weeks. This was our gender reveal ultrasound. I’m so excited to be having a little girl to call my own. All the cute things I can dress her up in, do her hair, do lots of arts and crafts. I’m so excited for everything that comes with kids. Now to make memories of my own with my own family is what excites me the most.

My husband is the best. Throughout this whole pregnancy he’s been so supportive and so patient with me. Sometimes I just don’t know how he puts up with me but I guess that’s what makes me love him even more.

Cravings ย As far as pregnancy goes, the only craving I’ve really had was Jamba Juice’s Orange Dream Machine. They get so pricey so hubby and I found a great knock-off DIY Orange Dream Machine smoothie to make at home and it’s pretty spot-on! So delicious! I have one everyday. Imagine how much I’d be spending if I actually went to Jamba Juice every single day to go get one?!

From the beginning of my pregnancy I went from eating only carbs just to be able to keep food down. Like breads, rice, potatoes, hefty stuff. Lots of eating out at the time. Then my favorite thing was strawberry Jell-O with pears. Yum! Then I went and craved lots of oranges. Then Frosted Flakes. Now Orange Dream Machine. Lots of sweets it seems.

Sickness:ย I haven’t been sick since around September I guess. Looking at my last post, I still wasn’t enjoying life very much lol. I definitely don’t miss those days. Once it was over, it was completely over. Haven’t had a pip of uneasiness since then.

Pains/Uncomfortable-ness:ย Sometimes I get lower back pain. Part of it I think though comes with what I do at work. I’m a surgical tech and I stand up all day so I think it makes it a little uneasy on my lower back. My feet are also starting to hurt sometimes. Again, I think that comes with the job, just depends on what I’m doing that day because it’s not everyday that my feet hurt. Here’s a crappy one, I also have costochondtritis. Basically an inflammation in the cartilage that connects the ribs to the breastbone. It’s definitely a very uneasy, sharp pain that I feel constantly and it’s always in one spot. Never had it til pregnancy. Doctor says it’s because my body’s stretching, but to me it’s like, why just one spot and not multiple where all the cartilage run in my diaphragm?

Baby Movements:ย Baby girl moves a whole lot and it feels so cool! The very first time I felt her, I was in the Operating Room assisting another surgical tech and for a moment I was standing there during procedure and I felt these little flutter movements inside the upper right quadrant of my belly. At first I was thinking to myself like ‘oh man, might need to run to the bathroom soon’ but it was a totally different type of stomach flutter movement. I stood there and waited a few minutes and I felt the flutters again. I knew that was definitely something I never felt before. It excited me immediately, I just knew it was her moving around on the inside. I will definitely never forget that night when I felt her. Oh yeah I was working graveyard that night too.

Now that baby’s getting bigger, the little tickle flutters turned into little poking movements. I’m pretty sure its her moving or kicking, but to me it feels like someones poking me… from the inside. My husband got to feel her move the other night, it was so awesome! It was like a little thump/poke against my lower abdomen and he was able to feel it. The look on his face was priceless. One of the best moments of my life.

Random Prego Stuff No one Tells You About:ย So going through this pregnancy, unexplainable things happen to my body that I never thought would happen to any pregnant woman. You always see on TV and shows that these women experience wonderful and beautiful pregnancies. I’m here to testify that and tell you that don’t fall for that! Lol. I’m only speaking for myself and what happens to me and my experiences of being pregnant so don’t quote me on it saying that all women are this way. I’m just saying that from my experience, pregnancy is not what movies make it out to be. So here’s a good one: You can definitely clear a room when you fart. My husband and I always had fart wars, usually on who’s louder, not so much on smell but sometimes one of ours can clear a room. How about this, once I got pregnant, I can clear the room every single time?! Ahh so gross lol. My husband is a good sport about it. He definitely leaves the room each time but he just pokes fun at me.

Oh, here’s another: I’ve never had skin problems until I got pregnant. I have sensitive skin but I always take care of it well so I never had many issues with my skin… until now. Everytime I got sick, my face broke out in red dots all over my face. It’s like I had mini chicken pox on my face, and it stays there ALL day! I was always so embarrassed when I got sick at work. I’d feel so ugly every single day. Here’s one I deal with everyday: I have these dry patches at the corners of my mouth. I’ve tried all kinds of lotions, moisturizers, medicated skin creams, you name it and its still there and still stays irritated all day everyday so everyday you see me with these red patches on the sides of the corners of my mouth. No stretch marks yet thank goodness but I’m sure those days will come.

Here’s another frustrating thing, I’ve always shaved down south and now that my stomach is far enough where I can’t see myself down there, it’s been a huge struggle to shave. I’m going to go get waxed I just haven’t built the guts to go in there and do it. Lol. I can’t imagine not being able to shave my legs. I’m going to have to make hubby do it or something lol.

Bending over to pick something up or just to even tie your shoe, is going to be one of the most frustrating things you deal with. I would totally recommend getting a chair or an ottoman near wherever you put your shoes on because it definitely begins to be a struggle. Your stomach is just going to get in the way and you’re probably going to run out of breath when trying to put them on. I only run out of breath when I put something that takes too long to put on such as my boots or my shoes where the heel backing becomes a pain and doesn’t want to unfold from under my heel. Lol.

Speaking of putting things on, I’ve never struggled so much to find clothes to wear out. There are many days where I’m very laxy-dazy and I’ll wear just plain ol’ jeans and t-shirt (which is my kind of style most days). But there are those days where I just want to look pretty and dress up and look nice. When the belly gets big, oh man you’re in for a treat. The hardest part was the beginning where you begin to have a belly but it doesn’t look big enough to be a belly yet, it more so looks like you’re just getting fat, yeah that was a tough one to pull off for awhile. Thank goodness I have awesome friends and family that either bought me some maternity clothes or donated their clothes to me. I haven’t spent anything on maternity clothes. They’re so dang expensive! Do people not realize as an upcoming parent, you are already going to be spending so much to buy necessities for the baby?! Here’s an updated pic of me with my belly ๐Ÿ™‚


Can’t really think of anything else right now. I will definitely keep you updated. ๐Ÿ™‚

Prego Chick (>_<)

Good morning,

So much has happened since my last post and it’s crazy how the time flies right before your eyes. ๐Ÿ™‚

I recently found out that I am pregnant. Tomorrow I will be at the 13 week mark. Yay, moving on into the 2nd trimester where most women say, everything starts to get better. It has been really rough these past few weeks as the morning sickness hit me like a ton of bricks. As soon as I’d wake up, my stomach was already queasy, and I’d go into work, stomachย still queasy, eat snacks, eat lunch, I just wouldn’t feel good all day. I wish I could say I developed a pattern for when I actually got sick, but it was always random. Random times, random days, and random foods. There is no particular foods (other than strawberries) that actually make me sick consistently. I almost passed out at work twice and get those light-headed, dizziness spells. Food is never appetizing to me anymore, nothing smells good, nothing tastes good. I eat just to eat because I have to eat. Let me tell you, this pregnancy so far has not been fun. My sense of smell has becomeย veryย sensitive. I think the hardest part of my pregnancy is when I don’t eat for a bit, I get nauseousย and my body tries to throw up and there’s like nothing to throw up except spit and stomach acid. It’s so painful and frustrating ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m really hoping things will lighten up in the upcoming week(s).

I’ve had my first ultrasound and it was pretty exciting. Although, I will admit, my baby looks a little bit creepy if you zoom into the picture lol. Nonetheless, I’m very excited to have a baby, to be a mom, although it is kind of scary too.

ย FullSizeRenderย It looks like my baby’s waving too ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m really excited and nervous about this. My husband also feels the same way. I’m so thankful for him he takes very good care of me. Even when I feel fat and bloated, he still tells me everyday that I’m beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚ I couldn’t ask for a better man for a husband. ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, there’s more to come soon,

Have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚

Update :)

How’s it goin’ ? ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so psyched to get back onto WordPress, lots of things that have been happening in my life that I’m so excited to share with you! My weightloss experience has been amazing, I’ve lost a total of 10lbs within the last couple of months. I was at my highest at 138.6 and right now I’m about 127.8 huge accomplishment for me. All I’ve really been doing is mainly eating healthier and eating smaller portions. What I’ve noticed that helped me the most was cutting down on my portions and increasing my intake of water. People are not lying when they say that drinking water aids in weight loss!

IMG_0223 IMG_0278ย  IMG_0216 IMG_0245

These are the main things I’ve been doing to help with my healthier lifestyle. Been running/walking the dog everyday, doing weights at low weights but high repetitions, lots of chicken and salads (I get bored with salads so I try to switch it up with how I assemble it every so often) and I’ve been drinking a lot of green tea as well. Well not a lot but more than I ever have before. I do at least one glass a day. I like using my Mr. Tea.. it’s cute how he chills in my cup holding my tea bag ^__^

Well here’s to the better! Have a great evening!



Debt Update (2nd Month In)

Hello ๐Ÿ™‚

So I was just managing my bills just wanting to see where everything was basically at because I know I just paid a couple of things off.

I just paid off my dog’s vet bill that last time I posted was at $1786 .. I just paid that off this month ๐Ÿ˜€

I also just paid off that one specific store credit card that was $63.37

Another super exciting thing is I got my car payment so low that all I owe this month is $3.72!!

How crazy is that!


Every month I put extra down more than what my statements ask for. My car is financed for 7 years and my goal is to pay it off in 5.

So all I have now are the big bills.

My car, which is at $19,455.70

Credit Card #1 at $10,716.16 (it went up because I’m still paying LA Fitness for their personal training sessions ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ย and the interest kicked in as well)

Credit Card #2 at $758.66

Total debt is at $30,930.52 that’s so crazy.. I never imagined myself in so much debt at 22. Oh well, what’s done is done, now it’s time to pick back up and pay it all off and start saving money off to the side. I’m so happy I paid off that vet bill though man that was almost $900 a month for the past 6 months. Now we can start saving a lot more and paying things off more quickly. ย I’m so excited. It’s time to start filing taxes too ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday I stayed pretty active, it felt good. I ran 3.5 miles (well ran and walked and then sprinted off and on) That resulted in lower back pain like this pinchy sorey kind of feeling. It sucked but I stayed active at work too. I’m going to take it easy on the running for a day and try to get back into it tomorrow if my back is okay.

That’s all I have for today. See you later! ๐Ÿ™‚

The Superbowl and Even More Upsetting News

So the hubby and I had a superbowl party.. it was pretty fun. We had a few friends over and overall just a good time ๐Ÿ™‚ We threw some burgers, hotdogs, and wings on the grill and I made some side dishes, finger foods and what not ๐Ÿ™‚ I was going for the Seahawks, I’m not a diehard fan or anything but I can definitely get into the game of football ๐Ÿ™‚

Next year though, I’m just going to go for the least favored team lol. Being in Washington in “Hawk Nation” I should’ve gone for the Patriots LOL! Oh well, it was fun though. These football players had some nice tooshy though ๐Ÿ˜‰

20150201_114836 20150201_213836

^^ Me & the hubz ๐Ÿ™‚ ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ^^Me ๐Ÿ™‚

I weighed myself and hit the highest number on the scale. I weighed in at 137lbs and never been so shocked to see the numbers. Not only am I so upset about how far I’ve let myself go, but I can’t continue to do this. I refuse to hit 140lbs at 22 years old. That is not acceptable! This morning I checked my weight when I woke up and I’m 136 even so I know my weight is definitely up there. Here’s to change.

An Activity a Day Keeps the Extra Pounds Away

How catchy is that? That is my goal to do at least one exercise activity a day. When it comes time to workout I’m always dreading it like ooomgosh great now I have to work out so I can lose some weight and tone up. I’m so negative and such a downer when it comes to it because I’m so dang lazy. If only weightloss were as easy as putting on weight huh? I figured if I told myself that as long as I do one physical activity a day, I’m in the green ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hopefully that mind trick will work until I can form a habit out of exercising. It’s good for me anyways to get my butt up and out doing something instead of sitting on the computer reading about other people staying active (-__-) Lol.

I’m dreading this week. I begin graveyard shift tonight all the way til Friday night. Which isn’t so bad but my body is already deprived of sleep even though I just tried taking a nap. I just got off of the graveyard shift in December, I was working it for 7 months. I had to get off because it just wasn’t working out for me. My body couldn’t handle it, I was always so tired and miserable. I was going to school full-time too. Now I’m going back to graveyards to cover down because we’re so darn short staffed (-__-) I shouldn’t be complaining though, there are other people who have to stay on the shift for like 3 months where mine is only a week. Well 4 days since we had the weekend holiday for Martin Luther King Jr.

I’m going to try to keep the coffee consumption down to 1 mug a night. I used to be able to drink 2-3 a night. I’m aiming to drink no coffee but it’s definitely a good aid to get work done.

I’m rather frustrated with my eating habits too. I have a really hard time with sticking to eating healthy and portion controlling ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I did pretty good today for the most part until dinner. Breakfast I made eggs with spinach and a little bit of spam in a tortilla. Well I guess it’s lunch because I woke up late today. And dinner hubby and I went and ate Korean BBQ. I drank a lot of water today too. ๐Ÿ™‚


That’s about it for tonight.

Much Love,


Jawbone Up24

I bought the Jawbone Up24 yesterday as another aid in helping me stay on track to lose weight. I had the Fitbit Flex for about a year and it finally gave out on me by not syncing to my phone. Its been a few months and I figured I would treat myself to something newer and “better”. Well I was wrong. This product sucks. As soon as I got to my car, I charged it up and started it up by making my profile and once it was charged up, I immediately put it on. I drove for like 15 minutes with it on and once I got home I updated it to see what would happen, and would you look at that, it had shown that I did about 102 steps since I put my bracelet on. I was already unhappy but tried to ignore it. I went about my night last night and didn’t do a whole lot of walking. I ended the night with almost 800 steps. I KNOW I didn’t do that much because I sat in bed with the hubby all evening, eating pizza and watching Rules of Engagement. I got up a few times to go to the bathroom and then to refill my drink in the kitchen. That was it. If it’s this inaccurate from being lazy at home, how bad is it going to be when I’m actually active? False motivation that thing is.

This morning I did a little research and dug deeper into the reviews for this product and then I found SO MANY negative reviews. A lot of the same problems I was having and the worst one was that many people reported that their Jawbone stopped working within an average of 3 months. Some people reported after a few days.

Red flag went up so before it breaks and I cannot return it, I’m definitely about to go and return it to the store. So I definitely wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy this gadget.

Does anyone recommend any other activity tracker that they’ve had or tried? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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